Buttermilk’s Best Beaches

There’s nothing better than finishing work and heading straight to the beach, especially if there’s a barbecue involved! We feel very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country, so we thought we would share a few of our favourite beach spots to add to your holiday agenda!

We do have one condition though: if you see any rubbish please do pick it up. We’ve teamed up with beach-cleaning app Tidal Revival to offer treats in exchange for your collected rubbish. Everyone’s a winner!

So without further ado, here’s some of our team’s favourite Cornish beaches:

Treyarnon Bay – Copyright Andy F

Kerry: Treyarnon Bay

Neighbouring the popular Constantine Bay, this wonderful beach is quite the find and perfect for evening barbecues. Kerry, who grew up just around the corner, recommends taking your bodyboard with you when you visit and adds that the hill down there isn’t too big either! If you’ve got children then don’t forget to check out the rockpools, they’re teeming with wildlife.



Kynance Cove – Copyright Matt Freeman

Ben: Kynance Cove


Down on the Lizard, this one’s a little bit of a trek but we can assure you it will be worth it. With clear water and white sands, this is the perfect spot for swimming or even snorkelling. We’ll let the picture below do the talking…




Daymer Bay – Copyright Roger Lombard

Tracy: Daymer Bay


We’re back up to North Cornwall for Tracy’s favourite beach, Daymer Bay. Surrounded by dunes and sandhills, there’s always a spot out the wind for those who simply wish to sunbathe. With impressive rockpools and even ancient tree roots revealed in a storm, this one’s great for kids who love an adventure.



Watergate Bay at Sunset

Olivia: Watergate Bay


Watergate Bay, where do we even begin. The home of the 2018 English Surfing Championships, there’s no better place to hit the

waves. After hours of surfing you’ll be pretty peckish – head to the Living Space at Watergate Bay Hotel for some seriously scrumptious food. Our tip? Grab a glass of Pinot and a seat near the window, the sunsets here are absolutely magical.



Bedruthan – Paul Loft

Emma: Bedruthan Steps


As the name suggests, a trip to this National Trust beach does include a few steps, but once you’re down there you’ll forget about your tired legs. If you’re looking for an escape after a hectic day, grab your favourite book and a blanket and head to this tranquil beach. We guarantee you’ll feel much more relaxed after an hour here.




Flo: Perranuthanoe


Praa Sands hidden neighbour, this beach offers glistening sand, the perfect rocks to jump from (not too high) and even a beach café offering homemade cakes, light lunches and of course ice cream! If you’re looking for an evening stroll then take the coast path round to Prussia Cove. It’s not a hard walk and with views that span all the way from the Lizard to Lamorna, it’s the perfect spot for a picnic.



Caitie: Lansallos


Another National Trust gem, Lansallos is a little off the beaten track so to speak. It’s a secluded little bay which makes the perfect swimming spot, for both humans and dogs alike. Caitie tell us that there’s also a few hidden spots right around the coast towards Lantic Bay if you feel it getting a little crowded in the summer.

So there we have it, Buttermilk’s favourite beaches, we hope this makes your beach-day planning a little easier! Our last piece of advice? Don’t forget to pack your favourite Buttermilk treats! The resealable Sharing Pouches are ideal for a picnic or simply to delve into after a chilly-swim.



New Treat, New Compostable Packaging

New Treat, New Compostable Packaging

We’ve launched our newest snack bar – an all butter bar of crumbly caramel sea salt fudge enrobed in Belgian milk chocolate!

Not only are they absolutely delicious, but we’ve wrapped them in compostable cellulose packaging! We’ve been working on sourcing a new non-plastic wrapper for quite some time now, and we’re so pleased to have finally found a material that is plant-based, yet remains hard-wearing!

What does this mean exactly? It means that it won’t pollute our wonderful environment. Once you’ve enjoyed your fudge, simply place the wrapper into your compost bin and watch it decompose. We’re told it can take around 26 weeks, but with this glorious weather we’ve had, ours was gone in just over 4!

Buttermilk’s Caramel Sea Salt fudge bar packaging composting at home in just 4 weeks!

Tracy, Buttermilk’s MD, was recently asked why finding compostable packaging had been a priority: “Sustainability is an important part of Buttermilk’s ethos and we were keen to find a plastic-free solution so that customers can enjoy an on-the-go treat, knowing that the packaging will not end up in the oceans.” Explained Tracy.

“Being based in Cornwall means we’re surrounded by beaches so we see first-hand the importance of incorporating environmentally-sustainable packaging materials. We very much believe customers will agree with us that this is a step in the right direction.

The best news? These scrumptious treats are now available on our website to buy either singly or as case of 30. They have a great shelf life, so will keep in your cupboards…if you can resist!

Florence’s Fudge Nut Flapjack Recipe

Fudge Nut Flapjack recipe

This week we’re offering you the perfect picnic saviour in the form of this super-speedy Fudge Nut Flapjack recipe.

Simple, easy and ever-so scrumptious, this flapjack recipe can be tailored to your tastes by changing the fudge and inclusions. Florence paired our best-selling crumbly Caramel Sea Salt fudge with crunchy hazelnuts, a dream combination that meant these particular flapjacks didn’t last too long in the Buttermilk office! So whether you’ve got friends coming round for a coffee or you’re heading out for an afternoon on the beach with your family, these flapjacks will go down a treat!

Makes 12 


  • Mixing bowl
  • Wooden spoon
  • Saucepan
  • Weighing Scales
  • 20cm x 20cm baking tin
  • Baking paper


  • 250g of Buttermilk crumbly Caramel Sea Salt fudge
  • 50g of unsalted butter
  • 250g of oats
  • 60g of Hazlenuts
  • A sprinkle of Cornish Sea Salt – table salt would be fine too!


  1. Heat oven to 200 degrees/180 degrees for fan ovens.  Line your baking tin with baking paper.
  2. Add 250g of fudge to a saucepan and heat over a medium heat. Stir thoroughly until it becomes a sauce-like consistency.
  3. Add the butter in small chunks (technical term) and continue to stir until mixed with the fudge sauce.
  4. Remove from heat.
  5. Weigh out 60g of hazelnuts and break into smaller pieces, halves is perfect. We find the best way to do this is to add the nuts to a plastic bag, place on a chopping board and crush with a rolling pin.
  6. Empty the hazlenuts into a mixing bowl and add 250g of oats. Mix thoroughly and slowly pour in the fudge and butter mixture – the sauce may look tempting but resist trying as it’s very hot!
  7. Once the wet and dry mixtures are combined spoon into your lined baking tin and pat down with a spoon to level out – it doesn’t have to be too perfect as homemade always looks better!
  8. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes or until slightly golden on the top. Remove from the oven and let cool for at least 20 minutes before cutting.
  9. Enjoy!
The Best Day of the Year

The Best Day of the Year


It’s almost here, the best day of the year. The 16th June is National Fudge Day!

Why National Fudge Day?

If you’re wondering why a national awareness day has been devoted to our favourite form of confectionery, it’s simple. This day was created to raise awareness of the heritage of fudge and to encourage people both nationally and internationally to enjoy a taste of this British-made treat. We’ll be celebrating with a bake from our friends at St Ewe Eggs…all is revealed at the end of this post.

Inside the kitchen

We’ve been making fudge since Betty and Elsie opened our Padstow shop in 1964 and today our craft-confectioners still use the same traditional methods to ensure our sweet treats are utterly delicious!

So, what does that include? Well, lots of stirring for a start! Our chefs blend high-quality ingredients in huge copper pans over open flames. The ingredients vary depending on the flavour and treat that they’re making. The bubbling mixture is then poured onto huge trays to set before being cut or broken by hand. Of course there’s a lot more steps and specifics to making our award-winning fudge, but we can’t give away all the secrets can we.

Our innovative team is always coming up with new flavours with Earl Grey Tea and Gin fudge being the latest additions to the popular line-up, alongside traditional favourites clotted cream

and butter tablet. One flavour, however, always comes out on top: the crumbly Caramel Sea Salt Fudge – and with good reason, it’s divine!

I want to be involved…

So this fudge day we invite you to come and get involved! Tracy McDonnell Goad, Director of Buttermilk, said: “We often hear lovely stories about how much our fudge means to people. Often, their first taste of it is while on a childhood holiday in Cornwall, so it is fitting that there is a whole day devoted to this delicious treat. No matter what your favourite flavour is, celebrate with us!”

Where can I find you?

We’ll be at the Royal Cornwall Show on the 7th, 8th and 9th June with delicious goodies for you. You can also choose from our huge selection of fudge bars at the Buttermilk shops in Port Isaac and Padstow. If you’re closer to the capital than Cornwall, then have no fear: We’ll be at the Taste of London Festival at Regent’s Park from the 13th-17th June. We’re on Amazon too!

Wherever you choose to spend this fantastic day, we hope it’s filled with smiles, laughter and lots of scrumptious treats. Enjoy!

Can I make a scrumptious bake?

You can indeed. Our friends over at St Ewe’s Eggs have teamed up with Chef Fiona NZ to create a recipe that is simply mouthwatering – Gooey Earl Grey Fudge Brownies! Our crumbly Earl Grey Fudge, which uses British Tea from Tregothnan, adds a delicate edge to this indulgent recipe. Try it our for National Fudge Day – you won’t be disappointed!

Fudge Brownies

Buttermilk brings home silver at DBA Design Effectiveness Awards 2018

Buttermilk brings home silver at DBA Design Effectiveness Awards 2018

Cornish confectioner Buttermilk has won a silver DBA award for its recent rebrand at the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards 2018.

The family-run confectionery brand worked with Falmouth-based creative agency Kingdom & Sparrow to create a brand that reflected its heritage while bringing it up-to-date.

The DBA awards recognise projects that demonstrate design’s tangible effect on a business, by focusing on its strategic and commercial value.

Kingdom & Sparrow was shortlisted alongside some of the UK’s largest, most successful design agencies working with international brands like Unilever, Mars and Carlsberg.

The Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, presented the awards at the event at The Brewery in central London.

Kingdom & Sparrow transformed the Buttermilk brand and designed a range of packaging for premium ‘sharing packs’ and gift boxes suitable for supermarkets.

The rebrand was a huge success and Buttermilk has since exten ded far beyond the South West. In the UK they have displaced all other confectionery competitors in Sainsbury’s and Waitrose. They’re exporting all over the world so customers from the US, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong and beyond can enjoy their Cornish-made confectionery.

What’s more, Buttermilk’s growth is contributing to local jobs and the county’s economy.

Tracy McDonnell Goad, Director at Buttermilk, said “After using insight to determine our strategy to create a national and international brand, it has been fantastic to partner with Kingdom & Sparrow. A true Cornish collaboration”.

Kingdom & Sparrow specialises in building and designing for food, drink and lifestyle brands all over the world but are proud of their success working with a local company.

Managing Director Daniel Gradwell said “We’re so proud to have received this award, especially because it’s all about how our design has proven effective for our client.”

The Brewery in Central London where the Awards took place.

About the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards

Entered jointly by client and designer, the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards are an annual event that provide powerful evidence that design thinking combined with business acuity can bring about the right conditions for business transformation to occur. The shortlisted winners have been selected through two rigorous rounds of judging, by a panel made up of design and marketing heads from leading brands and organisations. The 2018 winning case studies prove that design can drive growth in global businesses, bring brands to life experientially, stimulate brands, businesses and initiatives back to growth and prove its power to persuade and be a critical enabler for competitive advantage. Nowhere is the quality and effectiveness of the design industry’s offer more evident than across the winning case studies in the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards. They prove why now, more than ever, design is a sound commercial investment.




The best brownies ever?

The best brownies ever?

Much to the team’s delight, Buttermilk’s queen of bakes Steph has been back in the kitchen whipping up some scrumptious fudgey delights. This week, we were lucky enough to be presented with a small mountain of gooey fudge brownies. But these weren’t just any brownies, oh no. We would go as far as to say these were the best brownies we’ve ever tasted (a big statement we know).

So what makes them so special? We put it down to the combination of almost bitter dark chocolate and the sweetness of Buttermilk’s crumbly Caramel Sea Salt fudge. Think rich and creamy, with a hint of sea-salt to add balance – and all wrapped up in a fantastically fudgey brownie. Delicious.

So, without further ado, here’s the recipe. PS – if you’re looking to impress co-workers, this has a 100% success rate at Buttermilk!

Steph’s Salted Caramel Fudge Brownies


  • 185g unsalted butter
  • 200g dark chocolate
  • 85g plain flour
  • 40g cocoa powder
  • 150g Buttermilk’s Caramel Sea Salt fudge (Available in Sainsburys)
  • 3 large eggs
  • 275g golden caster sugar



  • Brownie tin
  • Whisk
  • Large bowl
  • Scales
  • Baking parchment
  • Rubber spatula



  1. Weigh the unsalted butter and tip into a medium bowl. Break 200g dark chocolate into small pieces and tip into the butter bowl. Place the bowl into the microwave for roughly 2 minutes or until the ingredients have melted, checking every 30 seconds. Once this has melted, leave to cool.
  2. Turn your oven onto Fan 160C/ conventional 180C/ Gas 4.
  3. Cut your baking parchment to fit your brownie tin, allowing enough to cover the base and sides to allow you to lift the brownies out easily. Place into your tin.
  4. Break your eggs into a large bowl, add the golden caster sugar and whisk until thick and creamy.
  5. Pour the cooled butter and chocolate mixture onto the egg and sugar mixture and fold in a figure of 8 with a rubber spatula until the two have combined into a brown mix.
  6. Sieve the flour and cocoa powder into a bowl before adding to the chocolate mix. Repeat the figure of 8 motion until your mixture becomes thick and fudge like.
  7. Take the Buttermilk fudge and cut the cubes into smaller chunks. Fold half the chunks into your chocolate mix.
  8. Pour the mixture into the brownie tin, then sprinkle the remainder of the fudge on top.
  9. For fudgey brownies bake for 25-30 minutes only, your brownie will have a glossy top layer. If you prefer a firm brownie, you may need to let these bake for a little longer. You can test this by putting a clean knife into the brownie and checking for mixture on the knife. If the knife returns clean, they’re ready!
  10. Take your brownies out of the oven and allow to cool in the brownie pan for around 5 minutes. Once they have cooled, take out of the pan and cut into your desired size.


Have you tried this recipe? Maybe you’ve tried adding nuts or using a different flavour of fudge. Tag us in your bakes on social media for a chance to win Buttermilk goodies!


Buttermilk’s sweet donation to Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust and Port Isaac RNLI

Buttermilk’s sweet donation to Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust and Port Isaac RNLI

We are very pleased to announce that this week two Cornish charities received a cash boost thanks to the fundraising efforts of Buttermilk.

The team sold Doc Martin themed maps from our shop in Port Isaac which doubles as Mrs Tishell’s Pharmacy in the much-loved ITV series. The maps have proved extremely popular and have raised £2,294.02 for the RNLI and a further £2,294.02 for the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust.


Tracy McDonnell Goad, director of Buttermilk, said: “These two charities are run by dedicated volunteers who do incredible work for the local community and we were pleased to have been able to support them and to raise money in this way.”

Ken Bray, a volunteer at the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust said: “Cornwall Air Ambulance flies more than 700 lifesaving missions each year throughout Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. We’re very grateful for donations like this one as it enables us to operate all over Cornwall.”

The donation to the Port Isaac RNLI will be put towards the replacement lifeboat appeal which aims to raise £52,000 for a new lifeboat and equipment. Bob Bulgin BEM, chairman of Port Isaac RNLI said: “On behalf of the crew and committee, we are most grateful for the support of Buttermilk which has been on-going for many years now. Buttermilk`s contribution helps to make a significant start to the appeal.”

The designer behind the Cornish Flag

The designer behind the Cornish Flag

On March 5th, the people of Cornwall celebrate St. Piran’s day, the national day of people in Cornwall. You may have heard the term ‘as drunk as a pirraner’ to describe someone who has drunk one too many. It’s safe to say St. Piran’s day is a jolly good excuse for a big celebration – our brand new Cornish Collaborations sharing boxes would make perfect party gifts or treats!

But who is St. Piran?

Here are a couple of things you may not know about the patron saint:

  1. St. Piran wasn’t Cornish

He was actually an Irish abbot who accidentally floated all the way to Cornwall after being thrown overboard by heathen Irishmen.

  1. He’s known for discovering tin

Well story goes that he discovered tin quite by accident when a black stone on his fire leaked a white liquid, causing a cross to appear on the black stone. Yes, that’s why the Cornish flag, the flag of St Piran, is black with a white cross. It represents the white tin flowing from the rock, or good overcoming evil.

St. Piran’s day celebration ideas:

Perranporth: don your black and white clothes and join the procession across the dunes to place daffodils at St. Piran’s Cross.

Falmouth: come and watch local school children perform the traditional ‘Furry’ dance, parading through the streets of the lovely town.

Truro: the Royal Cornwall Museum offers free entry on St. Piran’s day so you can go and brush up on all of your Cornish history!

Hello Cornish Collaborations!

Hello Cornish Collaborations!

Here at Buttermilk, we’re proud to be Cornish. We love a good surf after a day in the kitchen, we’re a sucker for a hot pasty and don’t get us started on ruined castles…

So, we decided it was time to start celebrating Cornwall through the delicious treats we make. No, we haven’t made a castle-flavoured honeycomb and we’re saving the pasty-brittle for 2018.

We’re excited to announce the launch of our two new flavours; Cornish Gin Fudge and Cornish Earl Grey Fudge. They’re unbelievably tasty, a little bit different and Cornish through and through.

Cornish Gin Fudge

Cornish Gin Fudge

Cornish Gin Fudge made with Tarquin’s Gin

We’ve teamed up with Tarquin at his Southwestern Distillery in Polzeath. He makes his gin in copper stills over open flames in small batches – yes, just like our treats! The gin is made using handpicked local violets and fresh orange zest creating an aromatic infusion in our traditional, crumbly, all-butter fudge. Doesn’t get much better than this…







Cornish Earl Grey Fudge

Truro-based Tregothnan tea is home of England’s first ever home-grown tea. We’ve sprinkled flecks of their gorgeous Earl Grey leaves through our buttery, crumbly fudge to create a quintessentially Cornish treat with a beautiful Bergamot taste.

A perfect addition to a Cornish Cream Tea.





We’d love to know what you think of our new additions – get in touch!

Trade Dates – come and say hello

We’ve just got back from the ISM trade fair for sweets and snacks in Cologne. In between bites of schnitzel and bratwurst, Tracy and Greg thoroughly enjoyed meeting with new and existing customers, as well as potential stockists and distributers from Britain and beyond.

We thought we’d drop a line about other trade shows we’re going to be at this year so you can pay us a visit if you fancy a chat with the team. We’ve got exciting and ambitious export goals for 2017 so we’re going to be taking Buttermilk a very long way from our Cornish kitchen, sharing our lovely story and decadent treats with people far and wide.

Don’t worry, if you’re hoping to find us at consumer events this year, we’ll be letting you know about them very soon.

Buttermilk Trade Shows

ISM, Cologne: 28th January – 1st February

IFE, London Excel: 19th – 22nd March

Farm and Deli, Birmingham NEC: 24th – 26th April

Fancy Foods, New York: 25th – 27th June

Oslow Design Fair, Oslow: 30th August – 2nd September

Speciality and Fine Food, Olympia London: 3rd – 5th September

Yummex, Dubai: 18th – 20th September

Can’t wait for a trade show? Of course, there’s always someone in the office who is there to take your call – don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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