The designer behind the Cornish Flag

The designer behind the Cornish Flag

On March 5th, the people of Cornwall celebrate St. Piran’s day, the national day of people in Cornwall. You may have heard the term ‘as drunk as a pirraner’ to describe someone who has drunk one too many. It’s safe to say St. Piran’s day is a jolly good excuse for a big celebration – our brand new Cornish Collaborations sharing boxes would make perfect party gifts or treats!

But who is St. Piran?

Here are a couple of things you may not know about the patron saint:

  1. St. Piran wasn’t Cornish

He was actually an Irish abbot who accidentally floated all the way to Cornwall after being thrown overboard by heathen Irishmen.

  1. He’s known for discovering tin

Well story goes that he discovered tin quite by accident when a black stone on his fire leaked a white liquid, causing a cross to appear on the black stone. Yes, that’s why the Cornish flag, the flag of St Piran, is black with a white cross. It represents the white tin flowing from the rock, or good overcoming evil.

St. Piran’s day celebration ideas:

Perranporth: don your black and white clothes and join the procession across the dunes to place daffodils at St. Piran’s Cross.

Falmouth: come and watch local school children perform the traditional ‘Furry’ dance, parading through the streets of the lovely town.

Truro: the Royal Cornwall Museum offers free entry on St. Piran’s day so you can go and brush up on all of your Cornish history!

Hello Cornish Collaborations!

Hello Cornish Collaborations!

Here at Buttermilk, we’re proud to be Cornish. We love a good surf after a day in the kitchen, we’re a sucker for a hot pasty and don’t get us started on ruined castles…

So, we decided it was time to start celebrating Cornwall through the delicious treats we make. No, we haven’t made a castle-flavoured honeycomb and we’re saving the pasty-brittle for 2018.

We’re excited to announce the launch of our two new flavours; Cornish Gin Fudge and Cornish Earl Grey Fudge. They’re unbelievably tasty, a little bit different and Cornish through and through.

Cornish Gin Fudge

Cornish Gin Fudge

Cornish Gin Fudge made with Tarquin’s Gin

We’ve teamed up with Tarquin at his Southwestern Distillery in Polzeath. He makes his gin in copper stills over open flames in small batches – yes, just like our treats! The gin is made using handpicked local violets and fresh orange zest creating an aromatic infusion in our traditional, crumbly, all-butter fudge. Doesn’t get much better than this…







Cornish Earl Grey Fudge

Truro-based Tregothnan tea is home of England’s first ever home-grown tea. We’ve sprinkled flecks of their gorgeous Earl Grey leaves through our buttery, crumbly fudge to create a quintessentially Cornish treat with a beautiful Bergamot taste.

A perfect addition to a Cornish Cream Tea.





We’d love to know what you think of our new additions – get in touch!

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