The best brownies ever?

The best brownies ever?

Much to the team’s delight, Buttermilk’s queen of bakes Steph has been back in the kitchen whipping up some scrumptious fudgey delights. This week, we were lucky enough to be presented with a small mountain of gooey fudge brownies. But these weren’t just any brownies, oh no. We would go as far as to say these were the best brownies we’ve ever tasted (a big statement we know).

So what makes them so special? We put it down to the combination of almost bitter dark chocolate and the sweetness of Buttermilk’s crumbly Caramel Sea Salt fudge. Think rich and creamy, with a hint of sea-salt to add balance – and all wrapped up in a fantastically fudgey brownie. Delicious.

So, without further ado, here’s the recipe. PS – if you’re looking to impress co-workers, this has a 100% success rate at Buttermilk!

Steph’s Salted Caramel Fudge Brownies


  • 185g unsalted butter
  • 200g dark chocolate
  • 85g plain flour
  • 40g cocoa powder
  • 150g Buttermilk’s Caramel Sea Salt fudge (Available in Sainsburys)
  • 3 large eggs
  • 275g golden caster sugar



  • Brownie tin
  • Whisk
  • Large bowl
  • Scales
  • Baking parchment
  • Rubber spatula



  1. Weigh the unsalted butter and tip into a medium bowl. Break 200g dark chocolate into small pieces and tip into the butter bowl. Place the bowl into the microwave for roughly 2 minutes or until the ingredients have melted, checking every 30 seconds. Once this has melted, leave to cool.
  2. Turn your oven onto Fan 160C/ conventional 180C/ Gas 4.
  3. Cut your baking parchment to fit your brownie tin, allowing enough to cover the base and sides to allow you to lift the brownies out easily. Place into your tin.
  4. Break your eggs into a large bowl, add the golden caster sugar and whisk until thick and creamy.
  5. Pour the cooled butter and chocolate mixture onto the egg and sugar mixture and fold in a figure of 8 with a rubber spatula until the two have combined into a brown mix.
  6. Sieve the flour and cocoa powder into a bowl before adding to the chocolate mix. Repeat the figure of 8 motion until your mixture becomes thick and fudge like.
  7. Take the Buttermilk fudge and cut the cubes into smaller chunks. Fold half the chunks into your chocolate mix.
  8. Pour the mixture into the brownie tin, then sprinkle the remainder of the fudge on top.
  9. For fudgey brownies bake for 25-30 minutes only, your brownie will have a glossy top layer. If you prefer a firm brownie, you may need to let these bake for a little longer. You can test this by putting a clean knife into the brownie and checking for mixture on the knife. If the knife returns clean, they’re ready!
  10. Take your brownies out of the oven and allow to cool in the brownie pan for around 5 minutes. Once they have cooled, take out of the pan and cut into your desired size.


Have you tried this recipe? Maybe you’ve tried adding nuts or using a different flavour of fudge. Tag us in your bakes on social media for a chance to win Buttermilk goodies!


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