We’ve doubled our donations with the help of Doc Martin

We’ve doubled our donations with the help of Doc Martin

Our little shop in Port Isaac has raised £4,180 for local charities by using its Doc Martin connections, more than doubling last year’s total.

The shop, which appears in the Doc Martin series as Mrs Tishell’s pharmacy, has been selling maps of film locations featured in the show to raise money for Port Isaac RNLI and Cornwall Air Ambulance.

The souvenir maps, on sale at the Buttermilk shop for £2.00, are printed by St. Columb company Edyvean. This year, 2,200 copies have been sold, and the profits have been divided equally between the two charities.

Tracy said: “The team at the shop have done a great job raising money for both the RNLI and Cornwall Air Ambulance. These are two key support services which provide such an incredible service saving lives on the front line. They need support to continue their great work.

“Everyone who uses the sea should support the RNLI, and the Air Ambulance looked after our son when he was five months old. We live rurally, like so many in Cornwall, and we are eternally grateful they were there.”

Buttermilk donate to Port Isaac RNLIBob Bulgin, Port Isaac RNLI chairman said: “Since Buttermilk is very closely positioned to our Lifeboat Station at Port Isaac, they have proved to be not only friends to our crew and committee members, but valued supporters of the Royal National Lifeboat operations that have been carried out from the village since 1868. For the past three years they have been donating to Port Isaac Station as indeed they have once again today with a significantly increased donation.

“Donations such as this are so important to keep the high standards of our volunteer life saving service, not only with the essential aim of saving lives at sea, but alo enabling our volunteer crews to operate with the very best of lifeboats and personal equipment.”
Buttermilk donate to Cornwall Air Ambulance

Susie Croft, head of income generation for Cornwall Air Ambulance said, “During the year we come to the aid of more than 700 people in their hour of need, and we can only do this with the ongoing support of local companies such as Buttermilk. s
“Thank you so much to all the staff and customers for continuing to give so generously to keep Cornwall’s air ambulance flying.”




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2 thoughts on “We’ve doubled our donations with the help of Doc Martin

Lynn Millard says:

Hello. I had the pleasure of visiting your shop yesterday. Apart from selling the most incredible ice cream, you told me that Doc Martin would be filming next year 2019 between February and I think you said August. Would it be possible to confirm this for me as I’m wanting to book for a weekend in your beautiful village. In which I will 100% be buying some more ice cream!
Many thanks
Lynn Millard

    florence says:

    Hi Lynn,
    Thanks for your lovely comment. It’s great to hear you enjoyed your time in Port Isaac, it’s truly a very special place. I’m afraid we can’t confirm filming times for Doc Martin and in previous years they have varied. Sorry we can’t be of more help, but we hope to welcome you back to Port Isaac and our shop for some more delicious treats soon.

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