In the kitchen with James Strawbridge – Fudge board

In the kitchen with James Strawbridge – Fudge board

Britain is going baking crazy, so we decided to get in the kitchen too, and created a delicious fudge board. But not just any kitchen, the amazing new kitchen at the Haverner’s in Fowey, and not just any chef, we spent the day cooking with James Strawbridge. Ring any bells? You may have read one of his cook books or spent time watching his adventures with his Dad, Dick Strawbridge.


James Strawbridge cooks with Buttermilk treats

We spent a day cooking with Buttermilk treats at the Havener’s Fowey

The plan was to see what exciting recipes we could come up with using Buttermilk treats! It was a lot of fun and amazing to see how many recipes you can create with a bit of fudge, honeycomb or brittle.

Over the months to come we will be sharing some of these recipes with you, as well as a few of our own. Last month Jordan shared her flapjack recipe, and the team are working on more ideas as I type.

We thought we would start with a simple one – the fudge board recipe – to get you started. Using some fresh fruit, and an array of fudge, honeycomb and brittle you can create the perfect alternative to pudding, or a great accompaniment to coffee. If you can get your hands on some edible flowers, then even better!

Read the full recipe here.

Buttermilk fudge board

The fudge board – a great alternative to pudding, or a treat with coffee




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