Hygge – let’s get cosy

Hygge – let’s get cosy


We know we don’t need a reason to post this picture of Jordan’s pup. Raffie is rainbows and smiles wrapped up in a little ball of fur, right?

BUT – as luck would have it, we actually have a reason. Here it is:

Denmark has been crowned the world’s happiest place to live. Some say it’s the country’s seamless bike lanes that remove all urban road rage. Others believe their dreamy interior design leaves them as smug as bugs in (oh-so-fashionable) rugs. But word on the wire is that the real reason the Danes are so happy is down to ‘hygge’.

Hygge, pronounced ‘HUE-gah’, is the snuggly feeling that we get from life’s simple pleasures. Rather than aspiring towards huge wealth or material possessions, the Danes look to pursue happiness in the here and now, and ultimately have a more hygge lifestyle. Hygge might come about when holding the hand of a loved one, or it might be as simple as watching a candle flame flicker. It’s pure, it’s beautiful and it’s cosy.

Sounds pretty great doesn’t it? Well that’s to be expected – it’s Danish…

So here at Buttermilk, we’ve been getting our hygge on. Here’s how:

  1. Made a ‘kitchen-table-tent’ (bed sheet + table) and had supper in it, even grandad…
  2. Sent our mums a text, just to let them know they’re great
  3. Chomped on some Clotted Cream Fudge with big cups of hot chocolate under a lovely blanket

We’ve joined up with Atlantic Blankets to offer you a fantastic prize so you can get your Hygge on – you can enter here for your chance to win!




3 thoughts on “Hygge – let’s get cosy

Michele Mandall says:

my idea of hygge was surviving my 4th stroke in september iam paralised down my left side. but i am a lucky girl the the lord saved me, i spent christmas with my daughter and her husband and 3 of my gorgeous grandchilldren: )x.

Grace says:

I live my life embracing Hygge – even down to living in a log cabin.

Vivien says:

I’m going to Denmark to find out about hygge at the end of the month! …Well, now I’m definitely going to be taking some clotted cream fudge with me…perhaps a blanket too!

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