Glorious Gluten-Free Rocky Road

Emma’s Rocky Road

Rocky Road RecipeWe couldn’t hide the excitement on our faces when Emma opened up a beautiful Emma Bridgewater cake tin to reveal 9 chunky rocky road squares.  There’s crunch from the biscuits, crumbly fudge chunks and even chewy marshmellows – wonderful! So whether you’re avoiding gluten or not, give this recipe a try. We promise you won’t regret it!


  • 400g Chocolate – 200g plain/200g dark
  • 200g – Butter/Marg
  • 8tbsp – Golden Syrup
  • 250g – Gluten Free Digestive Biscuit
  • 240g – Mini Marshmallows
  • 150g – Buttermilk’s Caramel Sea Salt Fudge


    1. Line a rectangle baking tray with cling film (both width ways and length ways) make sure there’s enough extra cling film over the sides – you’ll see why later.
    2. In a big mixing bowl add your Mini Marshmallows, break up and add your digestive biscuit (similar sizes pieces to the mini marshmallows) and then cut the fudge also into similar size pieces as your mini marshmallows. Mix all together in your bowl and leave to one size.
    3. Melt your Marg, Chocolate (broken up) and golden syrup in a glass bowl over simmering hot water in a saucepan. Keep stirring the mix to make sure it’s smooth and glossy. Once this has melted take off the heat a leave to one side just to cool down slightly.
    4. Once cooled down enough to touch by hand (or use an oven glove) poor the melted chocolate mix into your big mixing bowl filled with Fudge, Marshmallows and digestive biscuits. Mix all ingredients in well together so everything is covered with chocolate.
    5. Once you’re happy with it poor the completed mixture into your lined baking tray. Pushing down the mix evenly in the tin making sure its totally filled in every corner.
    6. With the remaining extra cling film, pull it over the top of the mix and wrap it up completely wait for it to cool down slightly and the place in the fridge ideally overnight but at least 8 hours or when its firm and set.
    7. Cut into pieces, squares or rectangles work best, and enjoy!



In the kitchen with James Strawbridge – Fudge board

In the kitchen with James Strawbridge – Fudge board

Britain is going baking crazy, so we decided to get in the kitchen too, and created a delicious fudge board. But not just any kitchen, the amazing new kitchen at the Haverner’s in Fowey, and not just any chef, we spent the day cooking with James Strawbridge. Ring any bells? You may have read one of his cook books or spent time watching his adventures with his Dad, Dick Strawbridge.


James Strawbridge cooks with Buttermilk treats

We spent a day cooking with Buttermilk treats at the Havener’s Fowey

The plan was to see what exciting recipes we could come up with using Buttermilk treats! It was a lot of fun and amazing to see how many recipes you can create with a bit of fudge, honeycomb or brittle.

Over the months to come we will be sharing some of these recipes with you, as well as a few of our own. Last month Jordan shared her flapjack recipe, and the team are working on more ideas as I type.

We thought we would start with a simple one – the fudge board recipe – to get you started. Using some fresh fruit, and an array of fudge, honeycomb and brittle you can create the perfect alternative to pudding, or a great accompaniment to coffee. If you can get your hands on some edible flowers, then even better!

Read the full recipe here.

Buttermilk fudge board

The fudge board – a great alternative to pudding, or a treat with coffee


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