Smooth Fudge
We use copper pans to mix our simple ingredients and once it reaches the right temperature we stir it well over an open flame. When it’s ready we pour it out and let it cool slowly without stirring, so that it settles into a thick, creamy, smooth fudge.


Crumbly Fudge
Our crumbly fudge has a really luxurious, melt-in-the mouth texture because it’s an all butter fudge. Cooked in the same traditional copper pans as our smooth fudge, it’s then cooled and hand-broken by our diligent confectionery chefs. 


Chocolate Enrobing 
We do this with our state-of-the-art chocolate enrobing machine, where our handmade fudge meets an irresistible wall of melted chocolate. It’s generously enrobed from head to toe before being hand finished with drizzles of chocolate.


We boil our brittle to a very high temperature before cooling and adding salted nuts to give it that perfect combination of salty and sweet. It cools rapidly, so it’s quickly poured out onto trays and rolled out by one of our chefs before being hand-broken.


Our recipe for tablet originated in Scotland and this product was made above our shop in Padstow until 15 years ago. This melt in your mouth traditional tablet has a high milk and butter content which gives it’s delicious texture.


Our honeycomb is light, airy and crunchy. We boil sugar to a high temperature in our copper pans, before adding bicarbonate of soda which makes it increase four times in size. It’s then smashed up by hand before being lovingly covered in chocolate.


Chocolate clusters 
For our chocolate clusters we quite simply combine the best belgian chocolate, with the finest sea salt and roasted salted nuts. We then form them by hand into delicious little melt-in-your-mouth clusters.


Ices, Ruffles and Truffles
These are traditional treats at their best. Dark chocolate truffle laced with rum and covered in more chocolate, raspberry fudge with oodles of coconut pieces, and delicious fondant with coconut shards. 

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