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Buttermilk is a family business, born and bred in Cornwall, now run by Tracy and David Goad. Our love and enthusiasm for everything sweet has been guiding our artisan confectionery since 1964. All our treats are lovingly handmade in-house by our craft confectioners. Stirred over open flames in traditional copper pans, our skilled team blend ingredients to create irresistible treats.

The traditional methods we use have been the same since we started 50 years ago, our kitchen has now just got a lot bigger! We make over 60 flavours of smooth and crumbly fudge, tablet, brittle, chocolate clusters and honeycomb.

We believe in creating sweets the way they should be, and our passion for confectionery has paid off. We have won numerous awards and our customers are asking that we bring our Cornish confectionery to the rest of Britain and beyond.

batches of treats a day
lovingly hand making confectionery
delicious flavours
£0.000 items

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