About Us

We believe that if you're going to have a treat, it should be a really good one.

Buttermilk Confectionery

deliciously indulgent award-winning treats

Plant-based choccy

Vegan and Dairy Free Chocolate

THE BUTTERMILK zero waste promise

Zero Waste Promise

Team Buttermilk

  • Tracy McDonnell Goad

    The Boss

    Our Great Leader, the visionary who pulls us together and forward. On a mission to uncover difficult truths and sort them out, one bag of choccys at a time.
  • David Goad

    Chief Chocco

    Part man, part genius, David is the original Treat Trailblazer who is relentless in his pursuit of perfection in each mouthful.
  • John Lyons

    Operations King

    He's worked with beans. He's worked with beers. He can strip down a Kawaksaki Triple using only a flat head and a tooth pick. He makes us raise our game, and then some.
  • Lisa Oakes

    In Charge of Numbers

    Champion of ethical finances and believer of putting people before profit. Keeps the great Buttermilk Mothership on track, even at the Christmas Party...
  • Gareth Toms

    Commercial Champ

    Each business needs a link between the divine [choccy] and the mortal [retailers]. Gareth is our saviour. And probably the nicest man in Cornwall. But don't tell him we said that.
  • Rebecca Miles

    Marketing Whizz

    Sitting in the middle of a one-of-a-kind venn diagram of creative insouciance, front-line data analytics and vegan fudge.