Eggtastic Easter Range 2023

Easter gives us another excuse to enjoy egg-citing tasting choccy! And you won't be disappointed - as well as some returning choccy - we have a NEW Choccy Bunny hopping into our range!

Plant-powered. No dairy. No palm oil. No gluten. Absolutely no excuses not to share, only if you want to of course! 😁 

NEW Choccy Bunny (Hollow) - Generously thick and creamy milk choccy hollow bunny, wrapped up in bright turquoise foil. 115g 

Improved for Easter 2023:

Salted Caramel Crunch Egg - Generously thick caramel choccy egg with sea salt and crunchy caramel flakes, plus our fan favourite caramel nougat snack bar. 130g Egg, 50g Bar 

Returning Easter treats:

Honeycomb Blast Egg - Generously thick milk choccy egg with crunchy honeycomb flakes, plus a honeycomb blast snack bar. 130g egg, 45g bar

Zingy Orange Crisp Bunny Bar - Indulgent and playful zingy orange choccy bunny with zesty orange bits throughout. 35g Buy Now


Eggceptional Easter treats, hopping to a store near you. As well as NOW available online in our shop, also available nationwide:

  • Salted Caramel Crunch Egg & Honeycomb Blast Egg: Tesco & Sainsburys

  • Choccy Bunny: Sainsburys, Morrisons & Asda

  • Zingy Orange Bunny Bar: Morrisons

As some of these are quite fragile, we have had to include an extra cost for getting these to you in good condition so the price per item in our online shop may seem slightly higher than usual. The Zingy Orange Bunny Bar is excluded from this extra charge as it doesn't require the extra packaging. 

We only have a LIMITED QUANTITY available online, so hurry, WHILST STOCKS LAST!