We are excited to announce our Double Choccy and Coconut Choccy are now award winning bars! We've received three awards this month at the 2024 Free From Food Awards and we couldn't be happier.


We are stoked to share:


Our lovely Coconut Choccy Bar won Gold in the Confectionary category - beating out traditional dairy choccy for this title! The Judges even said this about our beloved Coconut bar:


"[Coconut Choccy] provides a generous filling enveloped in thick, sweet chocolate. Not overly sweet, this bar is an excellent choice for those seeking a dairy free confectionery option with natural ingredients. Its affordable price and pleasant chocolate make it a tempting choice for consumers looking for quality free from products" 


And our Double Choccy Snack Bars weren't missing out on the action either. These are now double winners - acquiring a Silver in Sweet Snacking and Bronze in Healthier Snacking. 

"BUTTERM!LK's Double Choccy Snack Bar combines a gooey, crunchy texture with a sweet taste. Its top 14 allergen free claim and inclusion of health-conscious ingredients like pea protein make it a worthwhile choice for those with dietary restrictions. Ideal for enjoying as a post-gym snack or a sweet evening nibble, this product stands out with its 'Toffee Crisp' style, making it a delightful addition to the free from sweet snacking category" 


Thank you FFFA! You heard it here first folks, these are award-winningly tasty treats!!