NEW Coconut Choccy

The Coconut Choccy Bar is here and we're drooling. Our brand new bar Coconut Choccy Bar is flying off the shelf already and we are not surprised. 

This choccy bar is a creamy yet fluffy coconut-filled delight which is encased in our much-loved thick, decadent plant-based chocolate. The chocolate and coconut combo has never taste this heavenly. As always, it's dairy-free, gluten-free, and palm oil-free. Made with no nasties and a great taste makes this a perfect on the go snack.

It's currently available at Sainsbury's and on our website. You can also save when you buy in a bundle. Because let's be honest, 1 or 2 bars is never enough when chocolate tastes this good!

If you haven't already snagged a bar, head on down to Sainsbury's and get your hands on this creamy, coconutty treat today. You won't regret it!