Vegan and Dairy Free Chocolate - What's the difference?

We’re on a mission to create niggle-free nibbles that everyone can enjoy. Whether you’re dairy free due to intolerance or allergy, or living your best plant-based vegan life, we believe that everyone should be able to share Buttermilk goodies. Without having to compromise on taste, quality, or value (hurrah). Our dairy-free and vegan choccies are palm-oil free and the packaging is fully compostable. Because if you’re going to have a treat, it should be a really really good one. 

If you’re vegetarian, you can also check out our Heritage fudge and confectionery range – based on recipes we’ve been honing for the last 55 years.

What's the difference between dairy free and vegan chocolate?

We’re glad you asked. In short, vegan products might have been made in an environment where dairy is also used. This means that vegan products may contain traces of dairy due to cross contamination, and cannot be eaten by those with a dairy allergen. Any dairy free product has to be made in an environment where there is no chance of contamination with dairy.

We take this super seriously, and all our dairy free choccies are made in a separate, sealed off section of our confectionery factory which is regularly tested for traces of casein and lactose. Our confectionery ninjas wear different protective clothing in this area of the factory, and we have separate production and packaging machinery.

All our vegan and dairy free treats carry these labels so it’s clear who you can share them with. If you want to.