Doughnut Time x BUTTERM!LK



Go go go! WAKE ME UP BEFORE YOU CO-CO is now available to purchase!

For all you coconut lovers, we see you and we hear you. Our new collab is live on Doughnut Time's website and Coconut Choccy has it's own doughnut!

WAKE ME UP BEFORE YOU CO-CO is gluten-free and vegan! This cake doughnut is dipped in coconut glaze and topped in our fluffy and lip-smacking plant-based Coconut Choccy.

Grab this doughnut online and have a delicious delivery of BUTTERM!LK and Doughnut Time goodness at your door the next day.

So if you're a coconut lover, you're gonna be a lover of this! We are so excited to see what you make of this tasty collab. We hope you're going to go co-co for this collab.