Blendsmiths x Butterm!lk Collab

This month, we've teamed up with our lovely friends over at Blendsmiths to supply you with a free sample with every order you place with us. 
Blendsmiths is a modern brand who have an delicious range of vegan drinking chocolates, matcha, chai and superfood blends. Our fellow allergen and sustainability conscious brand is also like-minded in that they aim to make only the most delicious of products. Their ingredients like ours are plant-powered and packaging completely recyclable.
Their luxurious, vegan-based blends pair lovely with our yummy plant-based choccy bars. To see for yourself order now with us or Blendsmiths to receive an order including a free sample. That's right! Any order placed this month with Blendsmiths will receive a complimentary BUTTERM!LK choccy bar with their order and all BUTTERM!LK online orders will receive a special Blendsmiths Blend. 
Get ordering now to enjoy the best vegan choccy and vegan blend combo you'll ever get your hands on ;)