2023 Festive Treats Have Landed

The holidays are slowly approaching and your favourite festive treats are back!

We have a treat we know you've been missing our Hot Choccy Bombe! Perfect to keep you warm this winter. If you're not already familiar, our Hot Choccy Bombe is a plant-powered chocolate shell filled with mini marshmallows in which you can pour your favourite warm milk on top to enjoy a delicious vegan hot chocolate!

We have also got our festive favourite Zingy Orange Segments. If you haven't got your hands on a bag of these yet you're truly missing out! These are as tasty as they sound- zingy orange flavouring and generous portions of chocolate. What's not to love?

Making waves in our Heritage Range, we have a festive collection of fudge. These products do contain dairy products as does the rest of our Heritage Fudge range. NEW to Butterm!lk's festive fudge range, we have a smooth and rich peppermint flavoured Candy Cane Fudge. And if you have been missing our best sellers - Irish Cream Fudge - a perfectly creamy decadent treat with a cheeky liqueur hit, or Mince Pie Fudge - a buttery and rich, fruity and festive flavours tasting fudge, we have it all for here for you! You can make sure you have the most sort after stockings in town if you add our Christmas Fudge Bundle to the mix.

Our Christmas Fudge Bundle includes; 1 Candy Cane Fudge Sharing Box, 1 Irish Cream Fudge Sharing Box and 1 Mince Pie Fudge Sharing Box. Our Mince Pie and Irish Cream fudges have all brand new packaging to keep you to keep an eye out for. Want to learn more about our fudge heritage in Cornwall? Check out this article: Cornwall's Fudge Treasure: The Buttermilk Fudge Story – Cornish Cream Teas

Buy now whilst our stocks last this holiday season!