The BUTTERM!LK Easter Eggs Are Here

Easter is almost here - are you ready for it?

If you haven't already seen our wonderfully indulgent Easter Egg range, you've still got plenty of time to grab one.

Introducing our two show-stoppers; the Honeycomb Blast Egg and the Caramel Crunch Egg. We've ensured you're going to enjoy every chocolate-y bite with these eggs bursting full of flavour. The Honeycomb Blast Egg has crunchy honeycomb pieces throughout and our Caramel Crunch Egg is lavishly filled with salted caramel chunks. It's a hard choice between these two, but whatever decision you make is sure to be a tasty one.

If the flavour of the eggs isn't enough alone to convince you to fill your basket, maybe the bonus choccy bar will. As always, our choccy is plant-powered and our packaging is completely recyclable, we don't compromise for Easter! Free of palm, oil, gluten and dairy - these eggs can be shared with everyeone.

Both of our Easter eggs are stocked online and in Tesco. Our Caramel Crunch Egg is also sold in Morrisons.

Happy Easter everyone!