Meet the Makers – Tracy & David

We think the people behind the brand are just as important as the fudge you get to enjoy. Insert your fudge and choccy makers: Tracy & David.

Buttermilk has been creating delicious confectionery in Cornwall since 1964. Since then the family business has remained committed to providing everybody with truly exceptional treats. It’s now in the hands of husband and wife duo David Goad and Tracy McGoad, who took the reins over ten years ago.

Whilst Buttermilk is a heritage British brand, Tracy and David have opened new doors for Buttermilk. They launched a dairy free and vegan line of products, so that everyone can enjoy some choccy goodness. And they’re committed to no nasties in their products and plan to remove all plastic packaging by 2021.

Meet Tracy

Having studied International Business with French at University and worked at Bloomberg, Tracy is an experienced and successful business leader. In moving to Cornwall she has realised a dream of running a values-led and sustainable business. Her current role as MD encompasses the commercial and strategic direction of the business.

Meanwhile, in her free time Tracy is a fan of lots of sport and loves family beach trips. 

Meet David

With a background in Mechanical Engineering, David was the senior engineer on  prestigious projects such as the Dorchester Hotel, the Olympic Village and Grosvenor House. Taking the opportunity to relocate to Cornwall, David’s current role at Buttermilk includes being innovation lead for NPD. He also oversees the production, operations and technical aspects of the business. He personally built the site extension to the factory in 2018 to accommodate the Free From production area.

Away from the office, David loves combining his passion for the outdoors and family with sailing trips around the local coast.

Inclusivity is at the heart of Buttermilk’s mission and now. After years of testing and ensuring no taste or quality was compromised, the Cornish confectioner has launched a new range of indulgent vegan and dairy free delights. The new range of feel good treats means that Buttermilk can continue to bring people together, no matter what.

“We make confectionery that brings people together. We’re passionate about the treats that we make and Cornwall, the place that we make them. We are totally committed to making sure that there is never an excuse not to share, which is why we have worked so hard to ensure that Buttermilk is the benchmark for inclusivity in the confectionery world. We pride ourselves on producing treats that taste better than ever, whilst catering for everybody.” - Tracy & David

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