NEW Double Choccy Snack Bar

New to BUTTERM!LK is our tasty and tantalising new 'Double Choccy Snack Bar'. Yes, snack bar! The perfect afternoon treat that's completely guilt-free at 93 calories, and it's high in fibre.

This perfect pick-me-up is a decadent double choccy nougat bar with crispy bits throughout, fully enrobed in thick, lip-smacking choccy. Vegan, dairy free, and not too naughty, what's not to love?

To quote, our own Tracy McDonnell-Goad, "The Double Choccy Nougat Bar is the first of its kind under 100 calories with added fibre and bridges the gap between wholesome and indulgent - allowing snack enthusiasts to savour something truly decadent without compromising on their dietary preferences". Meaning that this palm oil, gluten and dairy free snack bar is one of a kind. As we can all relate to guilty afternoon grazing, finally we can chomp away freely with this 23g marvel of a treat.

3x packs now available exclusively sold at Sainsbury's and multiple bundle sizes available on our website for all of our preplanners. So what are you waiting for? Go try today!